Noodles / Vegetarian

CHOOSE PROTEIN : Tofu, Vegetable, Veggie Chicken, Veggie Pepper Steak, No Meat, Veggie Shrimp+$3, Veggie Fish+$4

Rice- noodle / egg – optional / bean sprout / Green onion / carrot / Lime / crushed peanut in house pad thai sauce.

Noodle Pan-fried flat rice with broccoli, bean sprouts and egg – optional, in see ew sauce.

Spicy stir-fried flat noodle / Basil / Bell pepper / Onion / Mushroom / Carrot . Medium spicy.


Egg noodle in Northern Thai yellow curry with choice of veggie chicken and tofu, topped with crispy noodles. Medium spicy

Noodle Glass noodle / Eggs (optional) / Broccoli / Tomatoes / Onion / Green onion / Napa / Bean sprout / house sauce. Choice of meats.

Rice noodle in pho based soup, bean sprout, basil, and onion.

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