Appetizers / Vegetarian


Edamame with sprinkle of Lemon and Pepper seasoning blend. $5.00

Deep-fried rolls stuffed with mix vegetables and glass noodle. Served with side of Sweet & Sour sauce.

Rice paper wrap stuffed with Spring mixed, Carrot, Cucumber, and Baked tofu. Served with Sweet & Sour sauce and Honey mustard.

Deep-fried Seaweed sheet wrap stuffed with Tofu, Glass noodle, Carrot and Shiitake. Served with Sweet & Sour sauce.

Grilled marinated veggie chicken. Served with Peanut sauce and Cucumber salad.

Deep-fried veggie chicken with choice of Garlic sauce, Hot sauce, Larb flavor or Dynamite sauce. (Sauce will be on top of chicken)

Deep-fried marinated veggie chicken wings topped with spicy house sauce. Served with Ranch sauce on the side.

Deep-fried Veggie chicken wings topped with Larb sauce. (Contains Red onion, Green onion, Cilantro, Roasted rice, Chili powder, Lime.)

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